Monday, August 23, 2010

Strumming Light Rays

Up the coast! Na Pali,Hamakua,Leeward, Windward,Wayward, all over the beautiful place is where I have been the past few weeks. Living at the root of it all.

This past Saturday I ran a half marathon in Volcano and had a blast! The morning of the run I was wide awake and feeling manic at 430am in my tent in the middle of a eucalyptus grove. I was pumped to be back in Volcano and breathing in the cool rejuvenating air. I jumped out of my tent, it was still dark enough for some moonlight dancing with the tree limb shadows that were swaying in the wind. I had just got back from Kauai where I was camping, hiking, and running with some good friends. The trip is still fresh on my mind and I have been floating on air, smiling at everything I see.

Kalalau is a majestic place! I was so wrapped up in the splendor of it all I forgot to eat or drink for almost an entire day, drunk on love and too excited to sleep. I have streaming thoughts of the misty peaks, secluded beaches, meteor showers, double rainbows, emerald eyes and angelic waterfalls.

Back in the valley were pools of cool water surrounded by blossoming white ginger. One of my favorite scents, soaking in the pools was transcending.

Back to the race, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to running on roads. I entertained thoughts of skipping out on the race and heading over to my favorite trails. The race ended up being a great time!! I felt good and enjoyed myself from start to finish. Running down the quiet streets amongst the ferns and blossoming yellow ginger that gave off scents of inspiration. I was surprised at how quick it went by and how good I felt. For me Volcano in such an inspiring place, I feel it flowing through my veins.

This painting was my prize for winning, it had a price tag on it for $1,200!

For now it's time to slow down a bit, work in the garden and spend time under the stars. Falling asleep and joining them shining up in the sky. I guess the sky is illuminated by the dreams of dreamers dreaming, so back down the path I go!


Angie Bishop said...

I love your photos and it makes me fondly remember The Big Island. I wish to go back and run all the places that I missed now that I am a grounded person.
Congrats on winning the half :)

Lar said...

wow it looks beautiful out there! sheesh i thought big sur was amazing but now you have me thinking that the far flung coast might be best.