Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Livin' Simple

I made the move to the sunny side of the island! It's quite a contrast from cool, misty Volcano but it is nice being super close to one of the best swimming/snorkeling spots in the state. I moved into a funky old coffee shack on 6 acres overlooking Kealakekua bay.

There has been lots of sunrise long runs and sunset paddles. I don't even have to start my car to get down to the bay, I just put it in neutral and coast the two miles down, haha!! My favorite part about living here is the huge garden, I have been working a lot on the land, weeding and planting. It is so nice to pick a huge salad after a long run!

Fresh Eggs!

The bay at sunset is a pretty magical place.

It is so nice to finally be back on a normal schedule after two years of working week on/week off, I am getting back into the groove!

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jasonbyrd621 said...

Congratulations, UNCLE Billy! After all the years saying that to your Dad, it'll take some getting used to saying it to you. I hope everything is going great for you! BTW, if there's any good coffee left in that place, ship it over to me!

Love ya, man! Keep on writin' and letting us know how you're doing!

P.S: When my son Evan comes in October, you'll officially be the last one without a pressure :)