Saturday, February 6, 2016

It has taken me 13 years of running to figure out the whole nutrition for long runs thing. I finally admitted to myself that I am stubborn. I have never really cared that much about the performance side (racing at optimum level). Also I don’t like to plan, so it makes sense that recovery and bonking towards the end of long races has always been an issue for me. There have always been a few shining moments which allowed me to justify doing the same thing over and over (Not recovering properly or thinking about nutrition/hydration during long runs). The main reason I never paid any attention to nutrition, pace or planning is freedom. Overly obsessing about details can get in the way of the experience but I am learning that a little thought will go a long way. Also I haven’t wanted to contribute to spending money on running related products. I have realized that type of thought process is itself a limitation. I decided to put my new found anit-cynacism to the test.

I had run the Hilo to Volcano 50k two previous times and after each I vowed never again would I participate! The 31 miles starts at Hilo Bay and gradually climbs 4,000ft to Volcano Village. This year I decided to do a little planning! Plan #1: I wore a watch and tried to not run under 7:20 min/mile for the first 20 miles. Plan #2 Drink 3 scoops of CarboPro every 5 miles which = 300 calories. I have been using CarboPro for a little over a year and I must say I love how I recover quicker and feel better at the end of long runs when I drink it. The plan seemed simple enough and at the end of the race, I had a new 50k PR and a course record in 3:46! I am excited to try out my new planning skills at longer runs, time for 100!!

I was recently asked to speak about running at the Hilo Health Co-Op. Last year I started working out there and reignited my love of lifting weights. I came up with a short presentation:

Running Simple! I started off by talking about the over abundance of advice out there related to running. I always say the best advice is to not follow any advice, just go experience and adjust. The below quote is from a great old book called “The Zen of Running.”

Some things that have worked for me in races and long runs. CarboPro has been the best way for me to take in calories. Their recovery amino acids and V02 formulas have helped me tremendously with recovery.

Recovery is the name of the game. Simple things that have been crucial for me are: A protein smoothie after runs, drinking turmeric and ginger juice to reduce inflammation, taking magnesium and trace minerals. I do not have the lingering fatigue I experienced before paying closer attention to details.

Finding inspiration to get out and run on days when I am mentally exhausted is something I am constantly seeking. Inspiration is everywhere! In books, photos, music, movies, colors, thoughts………..

A few simple things have allowed me to run a descent amount for over a decade injury free. Doing low intensity runs most days of the week has been key for me. There is something to be said for slowing down and enjoying! I plan on feeling healthy and running well into old age, high intensity is not the way for either. When I do run hard, it's usually uphill for less impact and pounding on the body. Also, I love doing strength exercises. I feel so much healthier when I am lifting, opposed to just running. Deadlifts, Shoulder Press and Squats will do wonders for your running!