Thursday, February 24, 2011

Late Night SUN Rag

The twilight paints with the fragrance
of your faded visage while
dragonflies swim through the citrus sky.

Whenever I am lost in the thicket
while sitting on the coast
your orange eyes let me see
the way to look and I wonder:
If I saw the sea through your eyes
would I still be able to taste the salty air
or would I be eclipsed by the shadows of
sand falling through the fingers of time?

So I sit in solitude thankful
that the stars don't blink and
you light the crossroads
where your light and mine meet.
We spill over the edge and spark
the night sky setting our passions aglow
as we become embers burning the morning sky
to light the new dawn.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mornings at the Mill

It had become a ritual of mine to walk out into the early morning glow, making the short walk down to where the ruins of the old mill and lands edge await. I am lucky enough to live a short walking distance away from my favorite surf spot on the island. I can hear the stream that flows down from my room keeping me constantly connected to perpetual flow of what I love. While I sleep the stream takes me out to that place where fresh and salt water meet, then drifting me out to sea. The walk down is a meditation, along the vibrant grassy path that has a life of its own.

(Path to the promise land)

Weather there are waves or not, watching the sun rise is an amazing way to start the day. I take my banjo and strum soft notes to the rhythm of waves breaking and rocks moving like a maraca. Strumming while the sun is rising, the air is warming and whales are jumping fills me with joy. Usually there are little to no people on the beach no matter the time of day, Some days I am out in the early glass with no one else in the water; An old fisherman the only other soul in sight. The ruins of the Onomea Sugar Co. watch over the back sand beach just content to still be standing.

(Angels in the water)

Two cliffs form a small bay that produces waves that break all the way across over the shallow rocky water. I have been salty sunburned and smiling day and night!