Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Santiago, Valparaiso, Maitencillo. It was cool to spend some time in big cities as well as see some of the Chilean coast. The words of Pablo Neruda have been a huge inspiration for me, it also felt like a pilgrimage to visit his house in Valparaiso. His house is now a unique museum high on a hill overlooking the colorful city and providing a unique experience full of wonder.

"The Stolen Branch"

In the night we shall go in
to steal
a flowering branch.

We shall climb over the wall
in the darkness of the alien garden,
two shadows in the shadow.

Winter is not yet gone,
and the apple tree appears
suddenly changed
into a cascade of fragrant stars.

In the night we shall go in
up to its trembling firmament,
and your little hands and mine
will steal the stars.

And silently,
to our house,
in the night and the shadow,
with your steps will enter
perfume's silent step
and with starry feet
the clear body of spring.

One of my favorite things about Chile was the doors. No matter the city or small town, everywhere had extravagant doors and door knobs to provide endless amusement and fascination.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Going to Chilean Patagonia was more a pilgrimage than a trip. I have dreamed of visiting the land where apparitions hang over mountain peaks and green mist floats through forrests in Springtime.

The prospect of running in a wild and wondrously beautiful place drew me to the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere. It had been years since I ran in a race off of the Big Island and I was manically excited. For me the race was more of a celebration run than a race and that’s why I wanted to be a part of the 63k event in Torres del Paine national park. It was a celebration of running, Patagonia, dreams, Chile, magic,love and so much more! I did all that I could to contain my excitement and not expend all my energy in the first mile freaking out at how stunning and dramatic the landscape was.

I was mesmerized as the miles melted away, only thinking of dissolving into mountainside to be blown up high to mingle with the swirling snow atop the peaks. Around mile 30 I came out of my daydream and realized that I went out at a pretty hard pace and tried to ignore my legs telling me to slow down.

After 10 years of running I think I finally figured out the whole nutrition thing and thus was able to avoid crashing and burning. In the end we all won!! The Patagonian International Marathon is a great event full of great people!


The real highlight was hiking the “W” circuit with Amy. After the race, we spent three days on the trail and in the heart of a truly majestical land.