Monday, December 14, 2009

Equation of Life

State of mind [desire + expectation] in which 1 believes 1's desires = realized [Darkly romantic drops of Ocean Water + aural power + running wild and untamed + waves of radiance + unadulterated purity]² / [delicate, transcendent breezes - slow burning sincere melancholy for what or who is not here] + vivid poetic devices that = outer reaches of the collective soul within our imagination + expansive, voluminous landscapes bristling with beauty/intensity = mind boggling epiphanies and realizations = innovative thought = sonic defiance of law and nature = My Life

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ode to Seashore

Seashore State Park in Virginia Beach is a special place to me. I started running when I was a senior in high school because of those trails. Since my first magical day of wandering back there I have run thousands of miles through the swamps and dunes and the beauty neaver fades.

The dreamers are dreaming and the singers are singing
I do both dancing through your brilliance
Thinking of the first jaw dropping visit that sent
My imagination running faster than my feet
Through your enchanted forests
You blew the wind that set my ship assail
Yearning for the far side of the earth
This moment I am back full circle and growing wider
To witness all your glory and ghosts
Seashore I have seen many contrasts of you: A lover with a rough kiss
Soft sandy trails, dreamy swamps, dancing light
Misty biting cold, moss hanging so elegant from branches in your grand ballrooms
You have seen me manic, sweating, laughing hysterical, crying, ranting
Raving and howling at the moon in joyous hysterics
I have tripped over your roots, been scared in the dark
Been depleted staggering dragging feet across your pine needles
Each footstep has imprinted a part of you in me, your trails are with me
Wherever I run and your beauty wherever I look
I have left a part of myself with you hanging in your moss and
Echoing through your breeze