Thursday, August 18, 2011

Country Roads

(Magic hour at Chesapeake Bay)

Sea shores, swamps, sand dunes, mountain tops, riversides, railroad tracks and back alleys; there are majestic places to run in Virginia.

I went on an amazing trip with my Dad to the Southwest Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains to run/hike/bike. Spending time in the mountains and running the Creeper Trail were things I wanted to do while back in Virginia. The trail was once a timber railway and is 34 miles long, gradually descending through farm lands, pastures, creeks, rivers and small towns. My dad biked and I ran, the miles floated by effortlessly.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back In The Slipstream

It was a journey back into the land of dreams, Halape. The 8 mile trail winds through a landscape defined by earthquakes, explosions, and tsunamis. Halape is a coastal oasis set below towering cliffs and in between two pools of lava (Kilauea and Pu’u O’o.) All of those elements make it a magical place to be. Patrick and myself arrived to an empty beach, the ghosts of yesterday and tomorrow were there dancing in the wind. The dramatic sparseness and lushness that encompass the landscape reminded me of the kind of place that angels and devils would whisper about.

At night the stars were out, falling across the sky and spinning circles around my mind weaving dreams as I slept. There were no waves on the first day, but plenty of other things to do and sights to see. Tide pool swimming, drinking rum from coconuts, napping, and running.

I set out for a run along the coastal trail and soon realized there was no one around for miles. I stripped off my shorts and ran to the rhythm of the ocean on one side and felt the pulse of Kilauea on the other. A feeling of true freedom, soul running wild. The following morning we woke up to the sound of breaking waves and I went from sound slumber to paddling out in about two minutes. Still half asleep, the first few waves I went for I ended up getting tossed and flipped underwater from being too slow. Not a bad way to wake up! The wind stayed down all morning and both of us were drunk with joy from riding waves in such a unique and tranquil setting. The first time I camped there over two years ago it felt like a sort of coming of age trip. There is still nothing like it for gaining clarity, perspective, and feelings of reaffirmation. Halape is a special place for me, a journey I need to make more often.

(Cool shot of stars and fronds from Patrick)

Presence of stars marching in
Shining over my dreams and
Pushing my boat
As it leaves Alcatraz
Now a breeze is blowing in
"Just live, love, and be gone....”
Like roots by the river
I’m drinking in..
Roots by the river
Seeds in the wind
Looking for a home
I’m a seed in the wind
Already home

July by Youth Lagoon