Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feelin' Good!!

I survived my first year as a teacher and managed to remain feeling good mentally and physically. I noticed that the overwhelming majority of the work force gets through each day on coffee and sugar. I got plenty of weird looks as I ate my staple of quinoa and kale each day for lunch. This has been the first time I have had to really balance all aspects of life in order to feel happy and I know nutrition plays a huge part in the mix. Feeling inspired and full of energy to run or surf before and after school has been the mission at hand. Drinking yerba mate’ has been a real joy for me and helped me sustain energy. I feel like drinking the leaf helps me whether I’m delivering a lesson, gardening, running, or just relaxing.

Sometimes maybe it brings too much joy, like when I hear students saying “Mister must have been drinking his special tea, he is acting crazy again.” That’s when I try to explain what it means to be feel happy and passionate but I guess that is not much different from crazy? I really like Guayaki mate’, they use the highest quality leaf, practice good business ethics, and are doing great things. Lots of cool info at: