Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For anyone interested in running one of Luis's races, all you need to know is: He is a madman!!


I was there for the 100 mile run and of course I got lost and did not finish! I was a little disappointed because I was feeling great in the heat! I ran the first 50 with Jenn which was a blast.

No more than an hour into running by myself, I zoned out and made a wrong turn. After my mishap, the allure of beer and music was overpowering. I was content with running 70 but not satisfied! I am now a believer in the #SufferBetter concept. In the past, I have always done things on the fly with little to help myself. Running is so much easier when consuming more than water and GU! George had a luxury set up for cooking and lounging! An aid station with couches and coconut water is pretty bad ass! I realized I always make things harder for myself for no reason, I will enjoy suffering better!

All photos taken by Stephanie Plomarity

JOHN MAUS "Believer" from Jennifer Juniper Stratford on Vimeo.