Monday, December 14, 2009

Equation of Life

State of mind [desire + expectation] in which 1 believes 1's desires = realized [Darkly romantic drops of Ocean Water + aural power + running wild and untamed + waves of radiance + unadulterated purity]² / [delicate, transcendent breezes - slow burning sincere melancholy for what or who is not here] + vivid poetic devices that = outer reaches of the collective soul within our imagination + expansive, voluminous landscapes bristling with beauty/intensity = mind boggling epiphanies and realizations = innovative thought = sonic defiance of law and nature = My Life

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ode to Seashore

Seashore State Park in Virginia Beach is a special place to me. I started running when I was a senior in high school because of those trails. Since my first magical day of wandering back there I have run thousands of miles through the swamps and dunes and the beauty neaver fades.

The dreamers are dreaming and the singers are singing
I do both dancing through your brilliance
Thinking of the first jaw dropping visit that sent
My imagination running faster than my feet
Through your enchanted forests
You blew the wind that set my ship assail
Yearning for the far side of the earth
This moment I am back full circle and growing wider
To witness all your glory and ghosts
Seashore I have seen many contrasts of you: A lover with a rough kiss
Soft sandy trails, dreamy swamps, dancing light
Misty biting cold, moss hanging so elegant from branches in your grand ballrooms
You have seen me manic, sweating, laughing hysterical, crying, ranting
Raving and howling at the moon in joyous hysterics
I have tripped over your roots, been scared in the dark
Been depleted staggering dragging feet across your pine needles
Each footstep has imprinted a part of you in me, your trails are with me
Wherever I run and your beauty wherever I look
I have left a part of myself with you hanging in your moss and
Echoing through your breeze

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rainy days are here!

The sky is falling
There is nowhere to run
The roosters are crowing
Without even the sun
Winter time in my mind
Thoughts hibernating
Like all these rainy days
In this land of sunshine
Trying to let it all sink in
These days I like when it's cloudy
And I don't mind when it rains
Because baby this candle burns at both ends

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kohala Dreamin'

Most of my adventures are dreamed up the week before while at work. It is hard not to be inspired from the sweeping views of the Pacific below or the majestic slopes of Mauna Loa above.

I feel extremely fortunate to have the job I do, drawing inspiration from the physical landscape, gardening, and the dynamics of the people I am working with. Looking out I imagine myself riding remote waves or running up lush slopes through the fog and mist.

(Arrrrrugula, Yes!)

North Kohala is a part of the island I have not spent much time, it was time for some explorations up in those parts. Non-stop surfing, running, and wandering was the plan. From Volcano we headed out first stopping to check the waves at our favorite spot north of Hilo. Driving over the bridge looking out at Honoli'i(a popular surf break) we were pleasantly surprised to see head high swells rolling through. WOOOO!! we v-lined it to the break and there we stayed for 3+ hours riding head high waves. It was non stop, there was a point where I didn't see Drew for 45 min. because we both we catching wave after wave. I nearly lost it laughing hysterically at how much fun I was having.

We finally hit the road again, now full of mania. We drove up Kohala Mountain road towards Hawi on the north eastern tip of the island. We wanted to check out some surf breaks, one of them the lighthouse. We finally found the dirt road and ran down to the cliffs a few miles away. A beautiful spot but nothing happening wave wise that day. It was cool exploring around the area and walking around the cliff tops. After running back we went to check Upolu Point. There is a gravel road leading down from a road that dead ends next to an airport runway. We parked and took off running down the road towards the wild coast. What a stunning part of the island! I felt like I was in Scotland, with the green cow pastures running down to the edge of the cliffs. Lunar tide pools below, we ran through the pastures along the edge of the cliffs with the swells crashing into the rocks below. Unbelievable! I will be back there soon.

After running back we drove through Hawi to Pololu Valley. I love Hawi it has a really cool charm to it, we stopped and filled up on baked goods at a killer bakery there. The road twists and turns through lush landscapes until ending at the valley lookout. We were greeted with a huge rainbow and the pot of gold awaited below. It started right where we would be surfing 20 minutes later.

We packed up our tents and grabbed our boards and walked the steep trail down to the valley, about 20 minutes.

The ambiance of the valley floor was mystical, painted orange from the falling sun and dreamlike from the mist of the breaking waves. We threw down our packs and paddled out in the twilight blown away at where we were and what we were doing. Unspoiled beauty! From the water we witnessed the sun set behind the valley and the full moon rise from the far horizon in front of us, It was so big I first thought it was the sun. After setting up camp it was time to feast! Burritos have become my favorite camping meal, fresh with cilantro, limes, and avocados!! What a way to end an epic day. Fully satisfied I drifted off to the melodies of the ocean and the dancing ironwood trees that lined the coast. No one else was down there, we had the place to ourselves.

(Monkeying around)

We woke up to morning glass, steep and fast waves but glassy! We stayed in the water for over three hours, getting some fun rides and also taking a beating from the waves. I got slammed quite a few times into the shallow sand the waves broke over. Exhausted we left the water and debated weather to make the trek to the next valley over Honokane Nui. Hell Yes!! We caught second winds and took off running up the steep trail.

The trail was hard to navigate and washed out in spots but up up we went to the top. Sweeping views of Pololu awaited.

The trail opened up and followed a ridge line and offered dramatic views of Honokane Nui. The waves looked good below and there was a stream bed that led to the back of the valley.

That will have to be another day, we decided to head back and continue on up the Kohala coast. The short but steep hike out of Pololu was kind of brutal, once back at the car we shouted with joy, WOOOOHOOO!! Driving back through Hawi, stopping for more cookies!!! we continued on. We stopped at Mahukona for some snorkeling. We pulled up looking at the crystal blue water with Maui shrouded in clouds on the horizon, ridiculous!

Mahukona is an old wharf so there were old props and chains on the bottom. We swam through ruins and gazed at the brightly colored fish around the coral. We drifted farther and farther out. Drew popped up and said he saw a dolphin, I was bummed I missed seeing it. The next thing we knew at least 70 dolphins were swimming all around us! We were in the middle of the pod and they were on every side, below us, and doing flips out of the water a few feet in front of us! All I could do was laugh hysterically and look on with amazement. We swam joyously with them for at least 15 minutes. Not wanting to over stay our welcome we swam in. I came out of the water feeling charged, fucking electric! From the parking lot there is a trail that follows the coast and we went for another little run down the path. What an epic few days! From there we went into Kailua to Kona Bay Books. I can't not stop by there when I'm on that side of the island. I loose myself in there, a huge selection. Walkng out with a few books and my head spinning I went on a group run with some folks at the Big Island Running Company. A short run down the busy Ali'i drive, it was a cool way to wind down the day and meet some new people. After the run it was time for a pint! I felt like I was on vacation, sitting at a table over looking the peaceful ocean and listening to a local ukulele band strum the night away. That was exactly what I wanted to be doing. After soaking it in for a while it was time to make the 2+ hour drive back to Volcano. The drive back is peaceful in the night, I rolled down the road listening to a few Neil Young albums and some Jesus and Mary Chain, singing at the top of my lungs out the window to the gods!

(Moon Frog on the night beach)


Sunday, November 1, 2009


A new way of interacting with the ocean.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Slipstream

This has been the first week in three months that my roommate Drew and I have been on the same work schedule. We picked up where we left off, non stop exploration of the island searching for waves and trails. We headed out from Volcano driving up the Hamakua Coast, stopping along the way to check our favorite surf breaks. There wasn't much happening in the way of waves so we went to Waimea to explore the Kohala Forest Reserve. I had been once before by myself and got severely spooked. The area has been closed since an earthquake in 2006. I heard the trail went to the back of Waipio Valley and was amazingly beautiful. I ran about two miles in and I had a strong feeling that I was being watched by something. There was a thick fog and mist falling, adding to my suspicious feelings. I ignored the feeling until the hair on the back of my neck stood up and an overwhelming feeling of fear came over me. I turned around and sprinted as fast as I could out of there. Towards the end a pig moved in the brush, not realizing it was a pig I let out a scream. I felt like a fool once I realized what it was. Once I made it back to my car I vowed never to return.

Yet there I found myself, the same heavy fog and mist falling. This time I was not alone. Since the trail is so over grown it was not that enjoyable. I would describe it as an "experience." Trails that are basically streams, washed out and on the edge of a cliff with a huge drop if one were to fall.

(Drew is in there somewhere)
We came to a clearing and heard a loud sound that was like a freight train rumbling. A waterfall, but the fog was so thick we could only hear it. Then we spotted a cave and went in for a look.

We did not have lights and used our camera flash for momentary light as we walked along. It went back pretty far, definitely something to explore when we go back with lights. We bushwhacked our way back out and headed for Kalopa State Park. There are some beautiful trails through native forest. I felt like I was running trails in northern California. Giant Koa trees and ferns were everywhere, we ran around for a few hours admiring the scenery.

When we made it back to Volcano we got wind that a south swell was due to hit. We along with our friend Katie packed it up and made the trek to one of my favorite places ever, Halape. It is an eight mile hike with our boards into complete paradise.

(Lava Trail)
Not only did we have the break all to ourselves, we had the whole beach. There was probably not another person around for 10 miles. Halape did not disappoint, head high surf and beautiful lagoons to snorkel in. Me and Drew were in the water at sunrise and stayed for at least three hours.

Once we paddled in we decided to walk up the coast to the next bay, about a mile away to check the waves and sit in the shade. There were some amazing tide pools we swam around in looking at the bright coral and colorful fish.

We paddled out not knowing what to expect and being careful to avoid any rocks in the water. We stayed out for a few hours, it was a nice left point break, not as good as Halape but a very cool place. After a nap and some food it was time for the twilight session. The wind died down and the waves were really coming through. It is a tricky spot because the water is not deep at all with sharp lava rock under it. We were both lucky this time to escape with no cuts. I did get held under for good while after being taken out by a clean up set. That is the worst, being hammered wave after wave. Some lyrics came into my head while being tossed around underwater. It started to make sense to me. "Tsunami drown me till I feel alive." They made sense, not in some sick masochistic way but a state of mind. Being totally immersed with what I am doing makes me feel completely alive. Hiking out there, sleeping under the shooting stars, being in the ocean all day and interacting with the environment was the Tsunami drowning me until I felt alive.

(The Mill, just outside of Hilo)

Drew and Katie made this video last month when they were there.