Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pure Joy

The simple bliss of running, surfing, and life is captured in these shots of Eric and Drew. Different mediums, same feelings...

The Happy Virus

I caught the happy virus last night

When I was out singing beneath the stars.

It is remarkably contagious -

So kiss me.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's so great to get on a plane and go somewhere, even if it is only a short hop over to another island! I had to go over there for a weekend course at UH, however I managed to fit in lots of exploring the highlands and lowlands on that overpopulated island. The North Shore is a real gem, and my favorite part of the island. I spent some time milling around in Haleiwa and running down the bike path, ending at Waimea Bay. I spent most of the day and into the twilight swimming, bouldering, and enjoying the feel of the bay.

I thought of the time two years ago when I was living on Oahu and completely broke. I biked around the island with my friend Mike, we were rolling disasters. Scavenging fruit from trees in yards and sleeping under the stars, Waimea was one of the places we camped. Now I reluctantly stayed in a hostel and I actually had a rental car. Luxury accommodations compared to the usual but UH gave me a stipend so I figured why not spoil myself. It was amazing to see the sunset, a rainbow, the moon, and feel misty rain all at the same time.

I was up early before class and ran the Maunawili trail, starting at the Pali lookout. I was greeted by the mystical landscape and sweeping views.

(Morning spirits stir in Nuuanu Valley)

I lost myself running down the trail, imagining myself as a leaf gently floating down from a branch high up.

(Refreshing detour to the falls)

I forgot what it was like to sit through a whole day of class. When i got out in the evening I was overly excited/borderline manic. I went for a run up Koko Head trail, which is insanely steep. I underestimated it, running up the old rail tracks super hard due to my manic state. Half way up the second pitch a wave of dizziness swept over me and I puked.... I was too stoked for my own good. I stopped for a few minutes and then started laughing at myself before continuing up. At the top was an amazing view looking across the island. There was a narrow ridge trail that went a ways and I started running it. This was probably the only place on the whole island where there was no other people. I enjoyed the solitude as I watched the busy lights of Honolulu come on, happy I had no place to be and was wondering around on a crater ledge.

There was more fun to be had:

(Hanauma bay)

There is no doubt Oahu is a special and beautiful place. I can't help but feel sad, the beauty is overshadowed by all the development and massive amounts of people on the island. Something is just not right about it. It's like a Towns Van Zandt song, beautiful but feelings of melancholy linger after. I was happy to be leaving and go back to open pastures and empty streets.