Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Into the Unknown....

The madness has begun. Online courses have already started for the UH Special Education program I was recently accepted into. Writing papers, studying for the Praxis = Things I have not thought about in years, simple math is not seeming so simple. Figuring out how to juggle taking an online course while working a job where I am off the grid for a week at a time has left my head spinning. I have been managing all of that with long runs, paddles, and intermittent dance sessions!

With dangling fragments and comma splices dripping from my mind I started out running up into the mist. I just went where my feet took me. Before I knew it I had no idea nor did I care where I was. Through the Eucalyptus vortex.... Took a detour off the road, rock hopping up a gulch jumping higher into the misty fog.. into the unknown, immersed in the moment and nothing else.

Eucalyptus trees overseeing this land of forgotten times

The mist turned into a heavy cloudburst, something about it was overly refreshing and I started feeling wild. Wide eyed running like a maniac, the rain felt like instant rejuvenation sprinkled down from the gods. I kept running farther into the moment with joyous fury. A scent bouquet of damp earth, plumeria and decomposing guava waifed through the air, a manic moment!

Running back through the leaves on the ground had me feeling nostalgic for the Blue Ridge trails in the Virginia mountains, I miss running back there.

Time seemed to be standing still. I was zoning out, feeling loopy near the end of the 30+ mile trek; staring at a flower when time restarted with a burst. It was as if I saw it twice in the same moment, once in slow motion and once sped up, a flower unfolded from partial to full openness! Different stages of unfolding, I wondered what stage I was in? I just started laughing and continued on. Getting hung up on smiles and falling leaves, how good it felt to be running/exploring somewhere on the island I have yet to experience.

Long runs and paddles have kept me sane this week. Up the coast! Out of the protective breakwater of Hilo bay and into open ocean, muuush!! muush!!

Despite all of the school work I have only had one moment of insanity. Late at night, I somehow convinced myself I was going blind and had a mini freak out. Stress has been a foreign concept so I will blame it on that? I knew then it was time to get some sleep and yes when I woke up in the morning my vision remained intact!

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Anonymous said...

tabasco on an orange, that is crazy, I will try it!! your photos are wonderful too and the plumeria you posted makes me miss hawaii so much...

when stressing out (or worrying about going blind) just think of what tennyson wrote... "there is no joy but calm!". instantly soothing.

p.s. that was a good 'who are you' answer. by far the greatest thing about a river...the rush it can create! :)