Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspiring Feelings...Linger On

It's so easy to become comfortable and complacent. I sometimes feel like Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, surrounded by water yet dying of thirst. In times like these I just try to keep my eyes open, for beauty and inspiration are around every corner.

I try to capture the essence
Of nights
When I can't sleep because my heart quakes my body
As I already feel tomorrows Sun rising within
But have to wait in the still darkness
Hearing the echoes of the conch shell whispers

Working wilderness therapy, being immersed in an emotionally turbulent environment non stop for a week at a time can take its toll. Some weeks I leave feeling fresh and inspired and others I leave feeling exhausted, frazzled and wrecked. Being involved with others personal growth and development definitely makes me turn the magnifying glass on myself, sometimes bring on traces of self doubt. Usually good things happen when you go on expansive excursions within yourself, I think Self Awareness=Awakening.

Being a part of others self awakening has no doubt helped my own self evolution. It's amazing how the small simple steps of practicing mindfulness towards others, self reflection, and working on the land growing vegetables can bring about a clear mind. Doing something for the mind, body, and emotion each day is something simple that is practiced and for me is a key component in overall health. A few weeks ago I picked up a hitchhiker, I had seen him before playing the harp in front of the market in Hilo. He was probably the most stoked person I have ever talked to. He was on his way to swim, "Mind, body, emotion. I've been reading all day, slept under a macadamia nut tree last night and now I need to swim." That outlook sure was working for him because he was pumped on life.

I often get asked how I find happiness, "You seem like a happy person"
Sometimes it seems so simple. I try to live my passions, do what I love,and give back to others while expecting nothing in return. Sometimes that question can seem so complex and the answer is who knows? Reminds me of something my friend Eric said the other day: "Sometimes you have to drive across the whole country just to come up with ONE idea" Words of wisdom, haha.

As for now, I am off to the place where the kind of sort of's and the maybe so's disappear into the certainty of glowing optimism.


Jason said...

Damn...I'd have never thought you'd be such a good writer! I hope you keep a record of all these thoughts; it would make a great book! I'm really glad your mom turned me on to your blog (I'm also glad you dropped the "bonehead"). I miss the old days visiting you and Brian, but this blog lets me know you're doing well. Good luck to you, and I look forward to when we can catch up again!
Your cousin, JayByrd.
P.S: My wife is pregnant with a baby boy, so you're the last one left to "get on the stick", as Poppy once told us!

Billy Barnett said...

It's awesome to hear from you, congratulations poppa!! You guys will have to make a family trip out here. Likewise, I look forward to catching up, hopefully sometime soon. I'm happy to hear you are doing well.

I'm the last one left, holding out! I think I still have a ways to go, haha.

Anonymous said...

wow, totally digging that little poem you left. resonating words...

I am curious to know how you would answer the same question... who are you?