Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue Sky

I love the Big Island so much!! There is mystery, beauty, and magic around every turn. Nothing makes me appreciate it more than driving around the island. I like living on the Hilo side because of how raw and rugged the ocean is off of the Hamakua coast. Paddling and surfing off of the windswept coast definitely makes me feel alive and directly connected to the pulse of life. On the other hand(or side of the island) I highly enjoy the calm clear turquoise waters of the leeward coast.

Kealakekua Bay is one of my favorite places for many reasons. Its stunning beauty, tranquil vibes and deep history make it a place that I frequent. Not to mention that on any given day you could find yourself in the middle of a pod of spinner dolphins, or this time of year witness humpback whales breach! There is no better way to celebrate a day in the water of frolicking/paddling than to stop by South Kona's only farm/speakeasy/my former residence for a night of live music and dancing. The Dirty Shack is a funky and unique place that is for sure. Two bands played really fun sets as the crowd steadily grew.

After dancing all night I somehow made it to the start of the Peaman Splish Splash and Super Bowl Shuffle. I am not a swimmer and have not swam since my life guarding days four years ago. I thought it would be fun to partake in the ½ mile swim/3 mile run event. There are different events put on throughout the year by Peaman and I have been curious try something new.

(Photo:Big Island Running Co)

There was a buoy marking the swim and I thought to myself from shore how easy it looked like it was going to be. However after the madness started and I got kicked in the head a few times, swallowed about 2.5 gallons of water and had a near panic attack from seeing only bubbles; the buoy suddenly appeared miles away. The only words that were going through my mind were profane as I tried to get out of the “fucking reptile zoo” and into a section of water that was clear and void of others. By the time I approached shore I could only laugh at the sad state I was in. Both of my calves were cramped up big time and one of my sides was cramping too. I felt like a plane stumbling in for a crash landing. I was so relieved to not be swimming anymore! When I went to put on my shoes my left calf contracted and started to spasm. This had never happened to me before so the only thing to do was laugh at the absurdity of it all. Once I put my shoes on and started running I was instantly rejuvenated and finished feeling great! It was a fun time, I really liked the laid back feel of the event and it was great to mix it up and try something new!

(Topped off a fun weekend by swimming through trails lined with ferns)


armandingo said...

Hi Billy!

Your shots are amazing!
They smells like fresh cut grass and resin.
They must be put in Thoreau's books.

Now I wanna run naked and high in the woods.


ps: sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian.

armandingo said...

PS obviously "They smell".

Damn it: a teen spirit doesn't let me use that verb correctly!