Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trails Trails Trails

The Big Island has trails through rain forests, jungles, deserts, along the ocean, and up to 13,700 ft. At 4,000 ft. elevation Volcano is an amazing place to live. Perfect weather, cool and misty along with some of the best trails on the island.
I made a promise with myself a while back, to always live within running distance of a trail head. Volcano has felt like home since the first moment I set foot. I had no place to stay and little money yet somehow I had such a nostalgic feeling. I was content pitching a tent amongst the ferns, waking up early and spending all day exploring the trails. Almost two years later, in my house sitting by the fireplace the wanderlust has not worn off and I still find it transcending. The miles float by freely like a violin bow on the soft trails, 20 miles goes by effortlessly. Someone recently asked me what I was training for and I said without thinking, "this moment" and started laughing hysterically. All I aspire to do is be healthy enough to run and surf on a daily basis and enjoy the things I am passionate about.
The past two weeks have been full of non stop running, surfing, paddling,exploring, skating and camping..... I feel lucky to be living in such a dramatically beautiful and ecologically diverse place, along with having a job that gives me the freedom of a vagabond.

(escape road)

(crater rim trail)

(Up Side)

It's crazy to think about running on the slopes of an active volcano.

Mauna Loa
(cabin at 10,000 ft.)

Lava Flowing into the ocean, the island is constantly in flux.

(Ainapo Trail)
This trail is pure madness, climbing 8,000 feet in 10 miles.

Mana Road: Waimea end

I love having a sunrise surf and then going up to Mana Rd.(7,000 ft.) to spend the rest of the day running.

Mana Road: Saddle Road side

Pohue Bay: A short two mile hike with our boards turned into a two hour trek over jagged a'a lava, we went for a short cut. There was HUGE shore break which made for great and punishing body surfing. It was great sleeping under the full moon and waking up to the roar of the waves and the sounds of the sea.

I have been listening to The Tallest Man on Earth nonstop.


Anonymous said...

yours is a cool blog to have stumbled upon. since you quote neruda and rilke, maybe you will like this:

Have you ever been kissed by god? Passionately (tongue, lips, etc.)? Or are you one who simply condemns god to the realm of the invisible? When do you feel the most comfortable? When do you feel most loved? Perhaps it is in the warm embrace of your lover or in the assuring touch of your mother. Perhaps, like me, you have likened this person to God in your life and realized that God was loving you through them. Or maybe you don't believe in God. Cool. Here's a simpler question: Have you ever lost yourself in a kiss? I mean pure psychedelic inebriation. Not just lustful petting but transcendental metamorphosis when you became aware that the greatness of this being was breathing into you. Licking the sides and corners of your mouth, like sealing a thousand fleshy envelopes filled with the essence of your passionate being and then opened again by the same mouth and delivered back to you, over and over again - the first kiss of the rest of your life. A kiss that confirms that the universe is aligned, that the world's greatest resource is love..." (Saul Williams)

ro6er said...

Impressive journey! Great photo's! I'd love to spend all day exploring trails. Good stuff dude!

Billy Barnett said...

Thank you for sharing the essence, reading it was a nice way to start the morning.

Thanks for the remarks ro6er!

Anonymous said...

o, my pleasure to share a good poem. thank you for the kind words as well.

p.s. from one kindred to another I do recommend the words of a fellow named Hafiz - he writes of how the moon & stars shiver when he drops his pants - and is just as ecstatic as rumi. :)

Stephen Brewer said...

Billy man I've run those exact trails before its amazing, the big island rules!

Anonymous said...

Great to see your photos from Pohue Bay. I live right above the bay. I'm hoping to hike down this weekend. Aloha!

Friends of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park said...

Dear Billy, Would you allow me the use of your black and white photo of the Red Hill Cabin on Mauna Loa? I'd make sure you get photo credit. Let me know!

Julie Mitchell
General Manager

Friends of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
(808) 985-7373

Billy Barnett said...

Woah, I am just seeing this comment! Sure you can use the photo!!