Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The lost art of picnicking

A splendid and joyous occasion was our picnic on the slopes of Mauna Loa. It was a clear day, providing sweeping views of the crater and volcanic plume in National Park as well as an amazing view of the summit. The setting sun painted the landscape an enchanting yellow which was cause for celebration. We not only had a picnic but a tea party as well!

The essentials:
-A proper picnic basket
-A beautiful location
-Good company
-Tea kettle
-favorite foods...

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Pitbullshark said...

Oh I could share in the joy of your picnic (on Moana Loa!). I almost always want to eat outside sitting on the grass or on the edge of a cliff or on the sand near the waves. It seems that animals are drawn to creep in and seek to join, unafraid (or emboldened). Native Americans (it could have been the Hopis, or maybe it was the Navajo) have stories about how dogs (in their case, coyotes) first decided to join with people...it was the smell of the food being cooked over a fire and the people's willingness to share when the animals circled around. In other words, nature loves it when we eat outside and we become a part of the whole again.