Monday, June 8, 2009


Back in November I was lucky enough to go on a Vision Fast facilitated by the School of Lost Borders. Three days with no food, sleeping under the stars near South Point. After the dust settled and I sifted through my thoughts this is what the experience meant to me:

Conch shell whispers
Echoing the things I leave behind
My thoughts dancing with the wind back through time
For that peace of mind I left behind
Centuries ago
I fall asleep drunk with passion and awake
Hungover from solitude
To kiss the pineapple lips of life
Lonesome for love
That has left down stream
Over the falls and become
Fruitless at the bottom of the ocean
On my ship of light I will follow
The rays of hope
Out of the rotting harbors of doubt
And cynicism
Out to see
It written clear on my sleeve that
The time has come
Waiting for the bee to pollinate my soul
So my love will once again rain down
To make the earth fertile

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